AdorStore Automatic Chicken Door

As 2013 edges away, we look forward to 2014.  We have new products coming out and a new larger ADOR.  Also, we have new software features coming for the ADOR which we will be announcing soon.  A preview of some of the planned new software features are:

  • New Apps:
    •   REDSCARE (LED flashes at night to scare predators away from ADOR)
    •   T.E.D. Trap Exclusion Device.  (use ADOR with TRAP to exclude pets by day and to catch predators at night)
  • Delay on Open -- set times before and after sunrise when you want the ADOR to open. 
  • Delay on Shut -- set times before and after sunset when you want the ADOR to shut.
  • Adjust speed of closure and to retract fully upon detecting obstacles before re-try.
  • Adjust motor force on closure.
  • LED indication of MANUAL MODE.  Be aware when the ADOR is not in Automatic Mode.
  • LED indication of LOW BATTERY.  Buzzer and External Alarm does this but now will be indicated on LED in front.
  • Automatically compensate speed if running on 12V instead of 6V.
  • More features to be announced later.

The new larger door has a 20" tall opening and a stronger motor -- nearly impossible to pry open.


Come back soon for more information.



Written by Rod Neumann — December 31, 2013