AdorStore Automatic Chicken Door

Power Adapter 115VAC, for ADOR

Sold out.

We get some inquiries about running the ADOR1 on "electric" -- meaning "house current' or ~115V AC.  The ADOR1 was designed to run for a year on a cheap 6V lantern battery so this seemed to me to be unnecessary.  Reports we get are that most people get 6 months to more than a year on 6V dry cell lantern batteries -- but sometimes we get reports of less than that.  It could be variation in the battery's initial energy capacity or the toll of temperature cycling on the battery.  For the ADOR2 (Turkey Door) we DO recommend a rechargeable battery.

We have decided at least for now that we cannot compete with some of the low cost 3rd party solutions of AC powering and Rechargeable battery.  There are also low cost small solar panels available -- I've seen small 6V solar charger and 6V rechargeable battery combinations on Amazon for only ~$25.

Here is a good example of one of the recent comers on the market of low cost AC powered charger and Rechargeable lantern battery.  RayoVac appears to have a good product.  I have not done any extensive testing of this but appears to fit the bill.

So rather than resell it here, we suggest you purchase at your local store or online.  I bought this battery and charger for little more than $9 each at Walmart.