ADOR indications on LED and Audible beeper sounds.

The  ADOR1 and ADOR2 LED indications that are revealed in the installation instructions (or User Manual) lacks explanation about warnings that may appear on the LED.  These indications were added to the software around December 2013, so if you have an earlier model electronic board, these indications do not apply without a software upgrade.

Here are the LED indications:


  • Flash once per ~17 seconds:  Normal "heartbeat".
  • On solidly but with some flickering:  The motor is running or is attempting to run.
  • On Solid:  When you apply power with the button pressed, the LED will stay on until you release the button. 
  • Flash quickly:


    • about once per 1.5 seconds:  this is a warning that the ADOR is not in Auto Mode.  See "JOGGING" in the instruction manual.  If you hold the button down, you are JOGGING and PARKING the door.
    • about once per 3 seconds: this is a warning that ADOR will stay shut or stay open until the next sunrise or sunset and then will be back in Automatic Mode.  This mode is caused if you momentarily operate the pushbutton to close it in daylight or to open it in darkness.
    • about once per 2.5 seconds is an indication that the battery voltage dipped low while the motor was operated.  This is a low battery indication.

There are also audible codes that have been in the ADOR since the beginning and which indicate various things, in Morse Code:

HI  (.... ..)  This indicates power was applied.  It greets you with "Hi"

E  (.)   E for END. This indicates it saw the magnet near the End of travel.  There are two magnets on the door panel.

M  (--)  M for Manual. This indicates it saw you push the button momentarily to Manually operate the door.

L  (.-..)  L for Light. This is an indication that the Light level changed and went over or under the light threshold.

T (-) T for Terminate. This indicates the motor stopped due to too much current detected  It will retry and produce SOS O if unsuccessful.

SOS (... --- ...) This indicates a warning and is followed by a single letter:  O, B, G

SOS O (---) When O comes after SOS it means Obstruction or Obstacle.  It means the motor took too much current.

SOS B  (-...)  When B comes after SOS it means Battery warning.

SOS B O (-...   ---) When O comes after SOS it means Obstruction or Obstacle.  It means the motor took too much current.

SOS G   (--.)  When G comes after SOS it means Grip error.  Grip means timeout.  The electronics signaled the motor to go but the End was never reached. Could be sprocket slipping, or motor is defective, or electronics fault.



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