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Automatic Chicken Coop Doors

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Ready to Use! Not a Kit

  • Rugged Galvanized Steel
  • Easy Install: Exterior or Interior
  • Opens at Dawn, Closes at Dusk
    (Programming not required)
  • Manual over-ride button
  • Direct Sprocket Drive. No strings
  • Door Slides Up/Down
  • Smart: Self-Tests, Retries
  • Uses Low-Cost, Long-Life Battery
  • See www.AdorStore.com for More!
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About Us

You know the importance of keeping your chickens safe from predators at night. Please stay a while and learn why our product is easy to install and will give you years of reliable function to keep the door closed all night and open only during daylight. Don't let the low price make you think this is not a high quality and extremely well-engineered product. We strive to produce the Best Product for the Best Price and we believe we've done that with the ADOR1 and ADOR2 Automatic Chicken and Turkey Doors. One year warranty. Replacement parts are available in our online catalog -- The ADOR should be the only door you will ever need.

We develop new and innovative products. Our specialty is electronics-based products and we've been doing that for decades... since the dawn of the microprocessor chip. Yes, we've been doing it since before Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak came out with the Apple One. We started AdorStore to market our first product for what we see as a societal movement or trend. Read more »