ADOR Testimonials volunteered by our customers

You may buy direct from us but you may also see this product available via Amazon and eBay or some other dealer/distributor.  You can check Amazon to see some reviews there.  But please order here, not on Amazon, because it ships from here anyway and they're going to charge you tax and hit us with a big sales commission!  Here is the Amazon review page.

AdorStore is in its twelth calendar year of manufacturing the ADOR automatic doors. The company started in 1981 and incorporated (ALLogic Inc) in 1992, so we've been around a while.

Don't forget, we manufacture here in USA, not like the cheap foreign junk -- if you have a question you cannot find a phone number or email or anything. You're supposed to throw it away and buy another one I guess. We have troubleshooting, and we have parts -- we have customers using our doors now in their 12th year.


We have lots of unsolicited testimonials sent in but we've only posted a few of them.  Our testimonials do not use the STAR ratings commonly seen on other websites. We believe the proof is in the original messages sent by real users. Please read what a few of our customers say and some of the issues they have had:

Carolyn S.: "We bought our door in April 2013, and it is still working and worked flawlessly for these eleven years."   [We have many customers who have been using their ADOR since 2012 or 2013 -- I love to hear they are still doing their job.- Rod]

Meghan M. (emailed April 2023): "Just installed my turkey-size door, and I am so glad I went with this. 
While there aren’t many extra large doors out there, I had plans to install a chicken-size door and make other plans for the geese until I saw you have extra large doors.
I’m now convinced that a good bit of stress in my life is simply from dealing with poorly manufactured or designed products.  It was such a pleasure working with my Ador door.  It shipped fast, it was boxed properly, instructions were clear and thorough, troubleshooting was easy, and, best of all, the engineering is a dream.  I love that I will be able to fix this door well into the future and that it’s not some black box.  I love that the instructions include options for using a power cord and smart phone connection and that you’ve included sources for appropriate hardware.
Thank you for a job well done.-Meghan" [Meghan is referring to the WiFi cable - Rod]

Melissa S. (emailed Dec 2022): "I just wanted to drop a note and say I love the automatic chicken door!!!!  I just changed the battery for the first time, easy peasy!  The original battery lasted about 19 months and I'm in the frigid north (NW Wisconsin).  Very impressed with the quality and ease of use.  It's well worth the price to not have to open and close the coop door every day! Thank you for such a great product!!"  

Gary A. (texted October 2021): "I went through two Ch****n G**rds in 5 years, the last one the motor quit.  Glad to have something I can replace parts instead of tossing in garbage. Thanks, Gary."  [Yes, that's one of the problems with foreign made.  But here at Adorstore, we have all the parts and free testing and phone troubleshooting. - Rod] 

James B. (emailed January 2021): "I'm just glad there is someone to ask instead of getting a bogus dead-end that we get from a China made product.  Hey buddy, you are probably too busy to notice but we are having a real winter here in OH for once. First one since 2015 and we are getting hammered with snow and deep cold ador1 is working great! No issues at all other than it petered out raising and sounded SOS. I figured the battery was weak so installed a new one and it's working like a champ. Thanks again friend for making a good American made product that works as advertised and keeps our flock safe from raccoons and mink. So reassuring knowing that I have factory support and can get parts if needed. Great job. Keep up the good work!"


 Tracey S. (emailed April 2019) - "You folks, & your company are AWESOME!  I have 3 of your (chicken) doors.  I've had them for *years* with no real problems.   Thank you again!    - Tracey 


Phil P. (emailed to us April 2017) - "After researching online several automatic chicken doors, I called and spoke to the owner. He was very helpful. I ordered the ADOR1 and it arrived quickly. After almost 5 months of use it has performed flawlessly on a Ray-0-Vac 6 volt battery that had been used in a deer feeder for about a week and ran out of enough juice to operate the feeder. We are very pleased with the door and will purchase another at some point for our brooding house."  [Thanks Phil, and I want to encourage others to always start out with a new, unused 6 volt battery.  It is interesting the battery could not run a deer feeder anymore but worked in our ADOR1.  Some people think that an old battery that still works in a flashlight is OK, but flashlights don't have motors!  It needs to be a new battery.  But check out the next testimonial, folks.-- Rod]

Phil P. (emailed to us October 2018) - "Rod, I just wanted to follow up on my previous comments about the ADOR1 automatic door for my henhouse. It is still working flawlessly. Still using the same battery that we put in when we installed the door in April 2017. We have recommended  this door to others and will continue to do so. Thank you for the fine product. [Thanks Phil for the follow up.  So a year and a half still on the battery now in the ADOR1 that started out in a deer feeder and died in the feeder?  That's a great story but not something I want to encourage others to do.  I tell people they should be able to get 2 years out of the battery but I suggest they change it out after one year and use the rest of the juice up in a flashlight.  Then the ADOR1 will always have a new battery and you don't have to be placing close attention to the battery warning alert.-- Rod]


Don C. posted on Amazon [5.0 out of 5 stars] - "Best automatic chicken coop door -features, price, quality!! I bought this door in 2016, it is fantastic! Before I got the door a raccoon got in and killed 4 of my 6 chickens. This door is varmint proof. Best thing is I don't have to set it, and reset it. It opens at dawn automatically and closes shortly after dusk. My chicken are always inside well before it closes, never had a bird locked out. When you compare features and price you'd be a fool not to realize this is by far
and away the best door, the best buy, the best features of anything on the market."



Mary P. posted on Amazon [5.0 out of 5 stars] -  "Easy to install, works exactly as it should. This all in one door is so easy to install...cut a hole and screw it on. Done. There is no string or extra boxes to mount. The door is real sturdy to protect against intruders, opens in the morning, closes at dusk. I
ordered it on Monday night and it was delivered Thursday. Completely hassle free! Happy safe hens!"


Althea H - Oregon "Our ADOR1 was the answer to our travel problems.  With our ADOR1 we don't have to worry about getting friends or neighbors to let our chickens out when we go on trips. We... have peace of mind that our birds are in and safe at the end of the day and are let out to enjoy the sun and the many wonderful bugs, worms, scratch and vegetation on our property.  AdorStore's customer service is amazing. When I did have a problem 4 years after my purchase, I spoke with a live person, who calmly and patiently walked me through what might be the source of my problem and provided the support that I needed. I received quick service and now my door works beautifully again. Thank you Rod, you were great!!!"


Paul B - N.C. "We’ve had our two Ador chicken doors now for a little over a year.  They have worked flawlessly during all the various weather we get here in NC.  Although the 6V batteries originally installed still seemed to be working fine, we just replaced them to be on the safe side.  Still 3 bucks at Walmart, good deal.  We did reinstall ours on swing open doors just in case we need to quickly manually open them for some reason.  We have recommended your product to several of our “back yard chicken farmers.” -- Paul.  [Thanks to Paul and all the others who give word of mouth advertising for our ADOR automatic doors -- that's the best kind of advertising.  Paul sent along pictures of his ADOR1 installations on the swing doors of his coops -- Rod]


Vince N -  Utah "Hey Rod, As I was cleaning out my email, I saw this [email] from you and it gave me a chance to circle back and tell you how pleased I am with your automatic chicken door. (And I don’t usually send comments back like this).

I installed it into an existing coop, hooked up the battery, pressed the button, opened and closed it a couple of times, and left it to do its thing. In the evening I came back to check, and all our hens were in the coop with the door closed. Next morning, the door was opened as designed. It doesn’t get any easier than that! No programming or setting timers. What an elegant piece of engineering! And wow, no more having to worry about closing them in and letting them out. 

I had spent a couple of months looking at the various door options out there, even watched several YouTube DYI videos on how to build my own, but yours seemed to match what I was looking for and the price was right. And now that its been installed and working flawlessly for two months, I can honestly say it was a good decision. 
Wishing you continued success!"

Tim W. - Minnesota  "Good afternoon, I received my automatic chicken door and installed it this weekend. First, the packing was just perfect. Double boxed with plenty of cushion inside.Second, the install was so easy. It took me about 25 minutes. What a great product you have. It works just perfect. My company is Dalton Gear Company. We manufacture gears and sprockets, etc. I see the quality you put into this and am very happy that I purchased your door.  There are many different kinds of auto doors, but after researching, yours proved to be the best. Thank you so much for a great product.:"  [At AdorStore we designed and manufacture our own sprocket, so it was nice to get this comment from someone in the sprocket business. - Rod.]


Bill J. - South Carolina "Perfect! I looked at a lot of automatic chicken doors before settling on this one. The clean, simple design, and all metal construction is what sold me. After installing it and having used it several days/nights now, I know I made the right choice.  Now we can leave the farm for an overnight trip to the beach. Thanks, Ador! --Bill


Jozef L. - ONTARIO  "Hello Rod! Happy New Year! Just wanted to let you know, that this morning it was -23 Celsius which is about -10 F and the door opened… As long as I can keep the moisture out so it doesn’t freeze, it works. My “cold” chickens say “Thanks” . All the best! -- Jozef"
[ I later emailed Jozef to ask what he meant by "...keep out the moisture..." and he responded with this:]
"There was no problem with moisture getting in the box. Moisture or water would freeze the doors overnight and it would not open in the morning… But if you can keep the area clean, I found no problems.  I have had the ADOR for a year and we have had all kinds of weather up here…from scorching heat to 30 below. It has worked just fine on one battery.  Only once I had to open the box and reconnect the battery as for some reason there was no proper connection so the door would not respond to pressing the button. It is set at the original setting and so far it has been working great. --Jozef".  
[I thought this was a good testimonial from someone who gave feedback that he has gotten more than one year of service on one battery and even through extreme temperature swings. Also, in such very cold weather ice can form on the ADOR or any door for that matter, as Josef notes. - Rod]

Ron - Maine  "The door is awesome.  I cut a hole, screwed it on and put a battery in it.  Done.  Easy, super simple and functions great so far (even in the lovely Northeast winter weather)."


James B. - Arkansas "Have not had it long but super easy to install.... plain, simple mechanism seems great on cheap battery....I've had two other automatic doors and this is by far the best.  No battery to maintain, no charger, no electricity at all to worry about.  In the future could use a larger size for different fowl  (peafowl, turkeys)."
[At the time we did not yet have our "Turkey Door" the ADOR2.  People have purchased the ADOR2 for big ducks, geese, peafowl, and Turkeys. - Rod]
Ted C. - N. California: "Hi rod,Just wanted u to know that i got the coop door the other day,and its working like gangbusters. If i run into any snags i'll let u know....i like ur chicken door."


[Ted C. has a sense of humor.  His Hen House is clearly marked on the door that it is for the "Ladies".  The ADOR is cleverly mounted in a tunnel leading from the "Ladies room" to a run.  You can see a picture of his installation.] 


Dave B. - Indiana:  "I like it, as well as the "girls" seem to like it! Only one was shut out after I installed the door. Since then, they are getting inside before last call brings down the door. I like it because it shuts up the girls when I can't get home in time to put them to roost. During the winter its almost 8:00am*** before the door opens so I open it about 6:30am by pushing the button because the girls are ready to get outside.  I wish I had this sooner cause I have experienced varmints getting into the coop and losing everything. I however wonder if you have an option to open the door by timer "before daylight" then close by light at evening?    Thanks --Dave B." 

 [***Please note that sunrise in late December and early January in Indiana was as late as 8:06AM.  So Dave may have had the light sensitivity setting set to #1.  If he changed the setting to #2 it would open before sunrise but wouldn't open in the complete darkness of 6:30AM.  The answer to Dave's question about opening "by timer" before the sunrise I can answer here:  We are expanding the software functions to allow setting times to open and close relative to sunrise and sunset events. Stay tuned for the announcement for that. If you want later upgrades, contact me to see if you can send in your board for new software.- Rod]


Tanja B. - Texas  "We live out in the country. Lots of coyotes, bobcats, owls, bull-snakes and coons. Our next door neighbor is about 3 miles away from us. Every time we leave to go somewhere, maybe come home late, or stay overnight, we need somebody to drive all the way out here, to round up the chickens and lock them up. That's when we used to lose our chickens: Someone forgot to lock them up, or locked them up too late, and the coons or skunks got there first and killed them. Most predators strike at dark, so we eliminated that by getting the door. It happens a lot, that we come in late from our ranch-work  and the chickens are taken care of. Now we can even leave for the weekend, just put out enough water and feed, and it takes care of itself. It's been a great solution for us, and I would recommend it highly to anyone. I don't have to worry about our schedule any more. I like especially this door, after comparing different models. Some of them open sideways like any walk in door, and the chickens tend to sit on it instead of entering the house. Anyway. I am glad we purchased it. It made life easier and added a lot of safety to our chickens. Thanks for the invention. Best greetings from Texas, --Tanja B." [Go here to see Tanja's installation.  As simple as hanging a picture.  Neat installation and beautiful chickens.-Rod]

Michael S. - Illinois  " I love the door I got from you.  It works great."
Alex M. - Connecticut:    " Looks solid.  At first I was suspicious about the 6 volt battery idea but it is working great.  Working perfect. It was easy to mount and I can’t say a bad thing about it. It's flawless."
Tim J. - Texas:  "I was helping my friend who has your ADOR1 and it's been working fine but it has been staying open later than he wants.  His hens are a breed that bed down early. Should he set it to a less sensitive light level?" [ Yes.  He has the default setting #1.  Most customers have been asking for it to shut later, not earlier, so normally I tell them to set program #2 but for your friend tell him to set #3.  Then it should close when it is still light outside.-Rod]
Tim J. - Texas: "Also, it would normally open near to sunrise time, but this rainy morning it still wasn't open 5 or 10 minutes after sunrise and an LED flashlight wouldn't make it open either, so they opened it by pressing the button. Is something going wrong?" [This is normal, and probably if she had waited another minute or two, it would have opened.  Variation due to overcast is usually not more than about 10 minutes from regular days.  A flashlight can be used to test it.    The ADOR reacts quickly to light when it is first powered-up and for the next ~5 minutes. After that time, the light is mathematically averaged in the software and the reaction time is much slower.  So if you just want to test that the photosensor is working, interrupt power and test it right away.  Also, it is easiest to test it in the dark because during the day it is very difficult to block the daylight.- Rod.]
Alicia W. - Missouri:  "We lost 20 chickens to raccoons, before getting the Ador1 automatic chicken door. We like that it is galvanized steel, we feel it protects better against predators getting in. We love the straggler setting [we call that "Last Call" - Rod], since we seem to have a few stragglers. There was no expensive door conversion kit to buy, on top of the door. Everything is included for one low price. Compared to other doors. We love the light sensor versus a timer.
We live in the city and just have a back yard flock of 15 chickens for fresh eggs. Since were not true farmers and have three children. Our schedule is pretty busy. There were many nights we didn't make it home before dark. On those nights we could lose anywhere from 1 to 5 chickens. We knew we had to do something. Especially since the cost of replacing the chickens was adding up to what a door would cost. Plus the guilt of knowing they were being eaten alive. We were a little leery at first, since the Ador1 automatic chicken door wasn't the same as most on the market. But it has been a life saver against predators. I feel it is built very well and durable. It was the best purchase we have made for our chickens and our peace of mind. - Alicia W."   [Alicia is right:  the ADOR1 is NOT the same as most on the market.  Like she said "Everything is included for one low price."  That alone makes the ADOR1 different from the others but then, there's much more that makes ADOR1 "the new standard". - Rod]
Robert R. - Texas:  " Rod --The door you have developed is an excellent design, and is quite easy to install.  We have "teenage" chicks, so they had two things to learn, 1) going outside in the big open spaces, and 2) returning to the coop at nightfall.  At first, for some reason, they decided to huddle for the night against the open door inside the coop; so for the first few nights, I had to push the youngsters back that were in so the others could get it.  This was made quite easy with the "manual" operation mode of the door.  A few days later, they were all getting in, but still crowding the door.  As a result, occasionally, a chick would be left half-way in, or have its foot partially outside.  In these cases, the door simply stopped upon meeting resistance, thereby avoiding killing or hurting a chick.  After about 16 days, they all finally learned, and now we can stop worrying about getting back before dark.  What a pleasure.  Thanks for the great design and excellent product!"  
Vito C. - Connecticut: "We purchased  your door last month and It is perfect. It's simple and very reliable. It's came in handy when our family went away for a week. Great product. Lots of luck to your company!"


Greg A. - Alabama: "Just a quick note to say, I got the 2 doors, had cut my measurements as your specs advised. And had both doors installed up and running in 15 minutes max. Great Product, easy to install, easy to plug and play (thanks for the batteries) and good instructions. I will tell everyone where I got these doors, and whom they should buy them from.  Regards, Greg."

Thank you from AdorStore, to all of you for calling or emailing and giving us feedback and sorry we could just post so few. - ROD