AdorStore Automatic Chicken Door

 AdorStore is in its sixth year of manufacturing the ADOR automatic doors.  The company (ALLogic Inc) started in 1981 and incorporated in 1992, so we've been around a while. We have lots of testimonials sent in unsolicited but we've only posted a few of them.  Please read what a few of our customers say and some of the issues they have had:

Paul B - N.C. "We’ve had our two Ador chicken doors now for a little over a year.  They have worked flawlessly during all the various weather we get here in NC.  Although the 6V batteries originally installed still seemed to be working fine, we just replaced them to be on the safe side.  Still 3 bucks at Walmart, good deal.  We did reinstall ours on swing open doors just in case we need to quickly manually open them for some reason.  We have recommended your product to several of our “back yard chicken farmers.” -- Paul.  [Thanks to Paul and all the others who give word of mouth advertising for our ADOR automatic doors -- that's the best kind of advertising.  Paul sent along pictures of his ADOR1 installations on the swing doors of his coops -- Rod]

Vince N -  Utah "Hey Rod, As I was cleaning out my email, I saw this [email] from you and it gave me a chance to circle back and tell you how pleased I am with your automatic chicken door. (And I don’t usually send comments back like this).

I installed it into an existing coop, hooked up the battery, pressed the button, opened and closed it a couple of times, and left it to do its thing. In the evening I came back to check, and all our hens were in the coop with the door closed. Next morning, the door was opened as designed. It doesn’t get any easier than that! No programming or setting timers. What an elegant piece of engineering! And wow, no more having to worry about closing them in and letting them out. 

I had spent a couple of months looking at the various door options out there, even watched several YouTube DYI videos on how to build my own, but yours seemed to match what I was looking for and the price was right. And now that its been installed and working flawlessly for two months, I can honestly say it was a good decision. 
Wishing you continued success!"

Tim W. - Minnesota  "Good afternoon, I received my automatic chicken door and installed it this weekend. First, the packing was just perfect. Double boxed with plenty of cushion inside.Second, the install was so easy. It took me about 25 minutes. What a great product you have. It works just perfect. My company is Dalton Gear Company. We manufacture gears and sprockets, etc. I see the quality you put into this and am very happy that I purchased your door.  There are many different kinds of auto doors, but after researching, yours proved to be the best. Thank you so much for a great product.:"  [At AdorStore we designed and manufacture our own sprocket, so it was nice to get this comment from someone in the sprocket business. - Rod.]

Bill J. - South Carolina "Perfect! I looked at a lot of automatic chicken doors before settling on this one. The clean, simple design, and all metal construction is what sold me. After installing it and having used it several days/nights now, I know I made the right choice.  Now we can leave the farm for an overnight trip to the beach. Thanks, Ador! --Bill

Jozef L. - ONTARIO  "Hello Rod! Happy New Year! Just wanted to let you know, that this morning it was -23 Celsius which is about -10 F and the door opened… As long as I can keep the moisture out so it doesn’t freeze, it works. My “cold” chickens say “Thanks” . All the best! -- Jozef"
[ I later emailed Jozef to ask what he meant by "...keep out the moisture..." and he responded with this:]
"There was no problem with moisture getting in the box. Moisture or water would freeze the doors overnight and it would not open in the morning… But if you can keep the area clean, I found no problems.  I have had the ADOR for a year and we have had all kinds of weather up here…from scorching heat to 30 below. It has worked just fine on one battery.  Only once I had to open the box and reconnect the battery as for some reason there was no proper connection so the door would not respond to pressing the button. It is set at the original setting and so far it has been working great. --Jozef".  
[I thought this was a good testimonial from someone who gave feedback that he has gotten more than one year of service on one battery and even through extreme temperature swings. Also, in such very cold weather ice can form on the ADOR or any door for that matter, as Josef notes. - Rod]

Ron - Maine  "The door is awesome.  I cut a hole, screwed it on and put a battery in it.  Done.  Easy, super simple and functions great so far (even in the lovely Northeast winter weather)."

James B. - Arkansas "Have not had it long but super easy to install.... plain, simple mechanism seems great on cheap battery....I've had two other automatic doors and this is by far the best.  No battery to maintain, no charger, no electricity at all to worry about.  In the future could use a larger size for different fowl  (peafowl, turkeys)."
[At the time we did not yet have our "Turkey Door" the ADOR2.  People have purchased the ADOR2 for big ducks, geese, peafowl, and Turkeys. - Rod]

Ted C. - N. California: "Hi rod,Just wanted u to know that i got the coop door the other day,and its working like gangbusters. If i run into any snags i'll let u know....i like ur chicken door."


[Ted C. has a sense of humor.  His Hen House is clearly marked on the door that it is for the "Ladies".  The ADOR is cleverly mounted in a tunnel leading from the "Ladies room" to a run.  You can see a picture of his installation here.]

Dave B. - Indiana:  "I like it, as well as the "girls" seem to like it! Only one was shut out after I installed the door. Since then, they are getting inside before last call brings down the door. I like it because it shuts up the girls when I can't get home in time to put them to roost. During the winter its almost 8:00am*** before the door opens so I open it about 6:30am by pushing the button because the girls are ready to get outside.  I wish I had this sooner cause I have experienced varmints getting into the coop and losing everything. I however wonder if you have an option to open the door by timer "before daylight" then close by light at evening?    Thanks --Dave B." 

 [***Please note that sunrise in late December and early January in Indiana was as late as 8:06AM.  So Dave may have had the light sensitivity setting set to #1.  If he changed the setting to #2 it would open before sunrise but wouldn't open in the complete darkness of 6:30AM.  The answer to Dave's question about opening "by timer" before the sunrise I can answer here:  We are expanding the software functions to allow setting times to open and close relative to sunrise and sunset events. Stay tuned for the announcement for that. If you want later upgrades, contact me to see if you can send in your board for new software.- Rod]

Tanja B. - Texas  "We live out in the country. Lots of coyotes, bobcats, owls, bull-snakes and coons. Our next door neighbor is about 3 miles away from us. Every time we leave to go somewhere, maybe come home late, or stay overnight, we need somebody to drive all the way out here, to round up the chickens and lock them up. That's when we used to lose our chickens: Someone forgot to lock them up, or locked them up too late, and the coons or skunks got there first and killed them. Most predators strike at dark, so we eliminated that by getting the door. It happens a lot, that we come in late from our ranch-work  and the chickens are taken care of. Now we can even leave for the weekend, just put out enough water and feed, and it takes care of itself. It's been a great solution for us, and I would recommend it highly to anyone. I don't have to worry about our schedule any more. I like especially this door, after comparing different models. Some of them open sideways like any walk in door, and the chickens tend to sit on it instead of entering the house. Anyway. I am glad we purchased it. It made life easier and added a lot of safety to our chickens. Thanks for the invention. Best greetings from Texas, --Tanja B." [Go here to see Tanja's installation.  As simple as hanging a picture.  Neat installation and beautiful chickens.-Rod]

Michael S. - Illinois  " I love the door I got from you.  It works great."
Alex M. - Connecticut:    " Looks solid.  At first I was suspicious about the 6 volt battery idea but it is working great.  Working perfect. It was easy to mount and I can’t say a bad thing about it. It's flawless."

Tim J. - Texas:  "I was helping my friend who has your ADOR1 and it's been working fine but it has been staying open later than he wants.  His hens are a breed that bed down early. Should he set it to a less sensitive light level?" [ Yes.  He has the default setting #1.  Most customers have been asking for it to shut later, not earlier, so normally I tell them to set program #2 but for your friend tell him to set #3.  Then it should close when it is still light outside.-Rod]
Tim J. - Texas: "Also, it would normally open near to sunrise time, but this rainy morning it still wasn't open 5 or 10 minutes after sunrise and an LED flashlight wouldn't make it open either, so they opened it by pressing the button. Is something going wrong?" [This is normal, and probably if she had waited another minute or two, it would have opened.  Variation due to overcast is usually not more than about 10 minutes from regular days.  A flashlight can be used to test it.    The ADOR reacts quickly to light when it is first powered-up and for the next ~5 minutes. After that time, the light is mathematically averaged in the software and the reaction time is much slower.  So if you just want to test that the photosensor is working, interrupt power and test it right away.  Also, it is easiest to test it in the dark because during the day it is very difficult to block the daylight.- Rod.]
Alicia W. - Missouri:  "We lost 20 chickens to raccoons, before getting the Ador1 automatic chicken door. We like that it is galvanized steel, we feel it protects better against predators getting in. We love the straggler setting [we call that "Last Call" - Rod], since we seem to have a few stragglers. There was no expensive door conversion kit to buy, on top of the door. Everything is included for one low price. Compared to other doors. We love the light sensor versus a timer.

We live in the city and just have a back yard flock of 15 chickens for fresh eggs. Since were not true farmers and have three children. Our schedule is pretty busy. There were many nights we didn't make it home before dark. On those nights we could lose anywhere from 1 to 5 chickens. We knew we had to do something. Especially since the cost of replacing the chickens was adding up to what a door would cost. Plus the guilt of knowing they were being eaten alive. We were a little leery at first, since the Ador1 automatic chicken door wasn't the same as most on the market. But it has been a life saver against predators. I feel it is built very well and durable. It was the best purchase we have made for our chickens and our peace of mind. - Alicia W."   [Alicia is right:  the ADOR1 is NOT the same as most on the market.  Like she said "Everything is included for one low price."  That alone makes the ADOR1 different from the others but then, there's much more that makes ADOR1 "the new standard". - Rod]

Robert R. - Texas:  " Rod --The door you have developed is an excellent design, and is quite easy to install.  We have "teenage" chicks, so they had two things to learn, 1) going outside in the big open spaces, and 2) returning to the coop at nightfall.  At first, for some reason, they decided to huddle for the night against the open door inside the coop; so for the first few nights, I had to push the youngsters back that were in so the others could get it.  This was made quite easy with the "manual" operation mode of the door.  A few days later, they were all getting in, but still crowding the door.  As a result, occasionally, a chick would be left half-way in, or have its foot partially outside.  In these cases, the door simply stopped upon meeting resistance, thereby avoiding killing or hurting a chick.  After about 16 days, they all finally learned, and now we can stop worrying about getting back before dark.  What a pleasure.  Thanks for the great design and excellent product!"  

Vito C. - Connecticut: "We purchased  your door last month and It is perfect. It's simple and very reliable. It's came in handy when our family went away for a week. Great product. Lots of luck to your company!"
Thank you from AdorStore, to all of you for calling or emailing and giving us feedback. - ROD