AdorStore Automatic Chicken Door

Please call or text or email us with any inquiries or for customer service:

       VOICE:  (832)444-0192 

       TEXT:   (832)444-0192 


ALLogic Inc / AdorStore
PO Box 217
New Ulm, TX 78950


Please place your order by finding the button to place the product in your "cart" and checkout with your credit card online or use PayPal if you have an account.  You can also checkout your cart and choose the checkbox to pay by mailing in a check made payable to ALLOGIC INC or just mail in the order form .  Personal checks or corporate checks or money orders are OK.

Any problems, questions, troubleshooting, etc, are invited in the form of a phone call or text or email and please try again if you do not get an immediate response.  You can usually get us on the phone the same day but you may need to call more than once.