NEW PRODUCT - ADOR1 Automatic Door for Chicken Coops

 NEW PRODUCT RELEASE - ADOR1 Automatic Door for Chicken Coops

The ADOR1 Automatic Door for Chicken Coops started its roll-out in 2012 and with the best price we've ever seen for a complete automatic door.  It is fast becoming the New Standard... what people expect now from an automatic chicken door. 

This is a product loaded with features and reliability even at our new price which will make it still the best value.

And is there really any comparison with another unit that uses switches that can clog with dander?  ...or that relies on gravity to pull it closed? ... or that uses AC power so it doesn't work when the power utility is down?  ...or uses solar power because it is such a power hog that the $20 battery needs constantly to be recharged? (did you factor the battery into the overall price?). 

The ADOR1 does not use mechanical switches... switches can jam, contacts can we don't do that.  The ADOR1 uses a direct sprocket drive powered by a gearmotor.  Not an expensive screwdrive that requires lots of headroom and can get clogged with dander, and not a string lift that relies entirely on gravity to pull it shut.  When the door is closed, the ADOR1 keeps the brakes on, and a bottom rail keeps paws out.

 We have not sacrificed quality to give you a great product at a low price.

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