ADOR Delay On Open (D.O.O.) Feature

Some users of the ADOR1 Automatic Chicken Door want the door to open later than sunrise.  A feature that has been standard in the ADOR1 for a few years is the Delay On Open feature.  On page 8 of the instructions, program number 10 and 11 are crossed out but actually they are functional.  Program number 10 is the default setting where DOO is DISABLED.  While this has been a long standing unpublished feature, there is no reason why you cannot use this feature as it has been field tested.

To enable the DOO feature, you will have to set program number 11 followed by a code for how much delay time you want.  You enter 11 as you would any of the other programs as described in the instructions, but 11 is different.  After you pulse the button 11 times, the LED comes on and then you press the button X more times, where X is a code for how much delay you want.

Here are the delay settings.  The longest practical delay is 8 hours after sunrise and you set it with the delay code 8.

Right after you press the button 11 times, the LED should go ON.  It does that to prompt you to give the code for the delay you want.
So if you want an 4 hour delay (from sunrise to when it will open), when the LED goes ON, press the button 6 times.
So here is the table of D.O.O.settings.  It means that it is program 11 followed by the specified delay code. :
  • 11-1    20MIN
  • 11-2    40MIN
  • 11-3    60MIN
  •  11-4    2 HRS
  •  11-5    3 HRS
  •  11-6    4 HRS
  •  11-7    6 HRS
  •  11-8    8 HRS
  • 11-9     20 HRS  (don't open automatically)
Delay times are highly inaccurate because the timer is not crystal controlled and the ADOR1 "sleeps" to save battery energy, and thus does not keep track of time very accurately while "asleep".  But for the function of delaying the opening after sunrise to encourage egg laying inside the coop, or to give you time to put away the dogs in the morning, or whatever your particular purpose is, the variability in the delay time is probably not important.
If you want the door to not open automatically, allowing you to manually open it when you want, but still have the door close automatically, then set the very long delay (11-9).
If you need clarification of this feature, feel free to call us.
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