Change ADOR Open/Shut Times

Being in our 12th year, Adorstore can attest to the fact that you don’t need the inconvenience of having to keep up with changing seasons – there’s no need for an annoying ClockTimer.  Instead of Clock Times for scheduling Open and Shut times, the ADOR automatic door technology uses Infra-Red light sensing and a computer algorithm that determines the events of Sunrise and Sunset.  Then you, the user, can vary the Open and Shut times relative to those times.  The chickens are fine with that… they can’t get wristwatches to stay on their feathered arms.

Often we get calls from people that are worried they have too many trees or a carport size overhang.  They are worried about dark clouds.  Remember the ADOR technology is proven effective and with so many deployed over so long a time, we can rest assured it works in whatever environment you may have – but don’t be thinking of dumb yard lamps because our technology is not anything like that.  If you have concerns you can call for advice if you think you have a particularly unique situation.

There is a concern for ambient light that can keep the door from shutting at night.  This can happen but it is easy to fix.  Heat lamps, or tungsten porch lamps, or WiFi cameras with their “invisible” flood lights can be an issue but being aware of how they can be problematic, simply altering some simple thing or two can make that go away.  We are available for a phone consultation if you need help.

If you have a weather App, it is easy to know the times of Sunrise and Sunset for today in your location.  The terms “Sunrise” and “Sunset” are actually technical terms what mean when the sun is sitting on the horizon (ideally – ignoring hills/mountains).  Instead of the terms of “Dawn” and “Dusk”, that pertain more to a more vague idea of the early light of morning and the twilight times after the sun has set, think in terms of Sunrise/Sunset.

The factory settings follow those well-defined times of Sunrise and Sunset for opening and shutting.  The most common variation users choose is to delay the shutting time, particularly when starting out with new chickens.  That extends the time past Sunset while still light outside, allowing tardy chickens to come roost in the coop.

There are settings we call DOO (Delay On Open) and DOS* (Delay On Shut) which you can use to delay open and shut times significantly.  The DOO feature can be set to minutes or hours and it allows the door to stay closed in the morning until some time of the day when you want it to open.  Maybe there are still predators in your location that roam after sunrise.  You can set the DOO time so long that the door does not  open automatically.  At some time when you want to let the chickens out, you can press the button and the door shall open to let them out, but it will still shut automatically in the evening.

To make settings, first you have to Set the Program Mode.

After you make ADOR go to the Program Mode, you can show the Program Settings.  Here is a video that show a unit is programmed for programs 2, 4, 6, 9, 11-5.  Besides the factory settings, there is the later shut setting #2 and the Delay On Open setting #11.


*You may need a software upgrade for the DOS feature. Contact Adorstore (text, voice, email) for that.

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