Automatic Chicken Door Specifications



  • Large Opening:  13" Height  x 10.5" Width
  • Automatic Operation: Opens approximately at sun-up.  Closes approximately at sun-down.
  • Manual Operation OPEN/CLOSE: press the push-button momentarily to make door open if it is shut, or close if it is open.
  • Manual Operation JOG: hold the button down to jog the door down or up while you hold the button. 
  • Door Closed Over-all dimensions:  18.5"H x 11.5"W x 3.25"D.  (Note: before 6/14/18 the frame height was 23.5".  We reduced the height by 5" to help reduce events of damage in the shipping box -- it has no effect on quality or function.)
  • Door Opened : Door extends above frame 5" additionally when open: 28.5"H x 11.5"W x 3.25"D.
  • Door travel rate: less than approximately 12 seconds full up to fully closed at 6V.
  • Door downward force on obstruction: less than approximately 8 pounds at 6V.
  • Upward force on shut door to budge it: typically greater than 20 pounds while unit is powered.
  • Power: nominal 6VDC.  Recommended 6V Lantern Battery.  Low-cost carbon-zinc mercury-free $3 at your Walmart.
  • Material:  Galvanized Steel.  No extra finish.  
  • Self-Tests: Battery Voltage Test, Load test, Limit not reached.
  • Faults and Warnings:  Low Battery, Obstruction, High Friction.
  • Extra features:  Sound-maker, LED, Auxiliary output contact.
  • Programmable features via push-button/LED.  See instructions.






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