ADOR Automatic Chicken Door Installations

Click here to see a gallery of pictures you can scroll left and right under the picture of the ADOR1.

ADOR customers: Please email us your installation pictures.  Thank you to Jamie M. in Indiana, Carol G. in New Hampshire,  Buddy A. in Illinois, and Ted C. in California, Mike G. in North Carolina, and Tanja B. in Texas Panhandle for your pictures.  Even from these installations you can see examples of how quick and easy some have installed the door versus some who put some extensive effort into it.

Several pictures are shown on the Jamie's installation of a "recessed" door.  This is a little more work but Jamie did a really neat job.  He had to do something because the exterior wall of his coop is corrugated.  Carol's husband Jay even made a little "lobby" for the ADOR1.  That helps keep it warmer in the coop.  Buddy's and Tanja's pictures show a simple surface mount installation... it can be as easy as hanging a picture on a wall.  

We recommend an overhang and on a flat wall, but not all these examples will show that.

Ted had a tunnel from the run to the coop, so he dropped the business end of the door down through a slot he cut in the top of the tunnel. To see these pictures go to the Catalog and click on the ADOR1 ad (or click here) and you will see a gallery of pictures under the ad.

Thanks for your pictures.  Please keep them coming.

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