To use your smartphone to control your ADOR1 automatic chicken door or ADOR2 automatic turkey door, remotely, you need to have house power (120VAC) in/at your coop and need to have WIFI coverage at your coop.

You need to purchase a few items:

*available for purchase on AMAZON PRIME.  Not our product.

** available in our Catalog on this website.  This is our product.

This ~$58 solution allows you to remotely control the ADOR1 Automatic Chicken door or the ADOR2 Automatic Turkey door via your smart phone.  Joined with a WIFI camera, you can monitor the actual Open/Shut state of the door.

The WIFI Relay board comes with the necessary link for instructing how to set it up on your WIFI network, and how to GET and INSTALL the APP on your phone. The APP has two buttons, one for channel 1 for setting AUTO or MANUAL, and another button for Channel 2 for manual OPEN/SHUT.

The two channels allow these three states of control.

Channel 1:  OFF   OFF   ON     ON

Channel 2:  OFF     ON   OFF    ON


Or another way of saying it is:


then Channel 2 ON for Manual Open, OFF for Manual Shut

AUTOMATIC MODE:   turn ON CHANNEL 1,  turn OFF Channel 2  (if you turn on channel 2 while in Automatic Mode, it will override and open the door)

Even if your ADOR is 9 years old, you can still add this feature.  AdorStore has always made our doors compatible with home automation.  Lately, the interface components have gotten affordable and simple.  Depending on the vintage of your ADOR's firmware, you may need to set program #3 for it to react quickly to the WIFI command... otherwise it will still work but there will be a delay.

At the time of this writing, it appears the APP for commanding the relays can be integrated with a WIFI camera.  More on that later.

Help with network issues like your firewall or your WIFI set up is not something we can help with.  Probably if you can find a 9 year old girl available, she can help you, but I have enough problems with phone apps and WIFI set ups of my own :)