Can I run ADOR on Electric instead of Battery?

Yes, you can.  There are so many bad or weak batteries in the stores that a ~$7 solution may be for you.  Do you have an electrical receptacle in or near your coop?

A solution is to purchase a 6 volt DC power supply that can deliver 1 to 2 amps, and connect its DC output to the alligator clip terminals on the ADOR instead of the battery.  The ADOR only takes 1 to 2 amps for a fraction of a second when the motor first starts to turn and capacitance in the power supply can supply that first pulse of current.  So 1 amp is sufficient in most cases. 

There is a little "6V 1A" power supply on Amazon does the job.  You have to cut off the round plug and strip the wires to connect to the clips and run the cord through holes provided in the floor of ADOR's control box, and tie a knot for strain relief, and finally wrap a little tape around the connections. 

So that previous paragraph says it all. Connecting to Electric power is that simple... but if you need more clarity:

Please take a look at this video.

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