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AdorStore Automatic Chicken Door

ADOR Electric Power kit, 120VAC

ADOR Electric Power kit, 120VAC

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If you want to power your ADOR from a receptacle instead of battery, this kit allows you an easy way to do that.

If you have a house power receptacle "110V" or some people say "120VAC" receptacle at or in the coop, then you may want to power your ADOR with your house electric power.  The wall power supply plugs in a standard two terminal receptacle and converts the electricity to 6 volts DC.  The RED/BLACK clips that otherwise would be clipped to the battery just clip on the two spots: PLUS and MINUS, on the small electronic board that comes in the kit.  The ROUND plug on end of the power supply plugs into this board.

This 6 volt power source is to be used INSTEAD of the 6 volt battery.  There's no battery back up with this so if you  have a lot of black outs this may not be the best choice.  Short power glitches or short power outages should not be a problem.