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ADOR2 Automatic Turkey Door

ADOR2 Automatic Turkey Door

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We call it the "Turkey Door" but it is for Geese, Ducks, Peacocks, Turkeys or even if you feel like you want a bigger door for your flock of chickens.  Some people report they use the ADOR2 with dwarf goats.

The ADOR2 opening is  20" tall by 12.5" wide.  The ADOR2 overall dimension is 29" tall and 13.5" wide.  When the door panel slides up/open add 15.5"which makes the overall height 42:.

Read about the ADOR1 and you will learn most of what you need to know about the ADOR2.  The ADOR2 runs on nominal 6 volts.  We recommend a 6V rechargeable battery but you should be able to get at least 6 months to a year of use with a regular 6 volt dry cell lantern battery, like the battery we ship with the ADOR2.

The ADOR2 usually ships the same day or next day of order.