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PSO Photosensor (OLD TYPE)

PSO Photosensor (OLD TYPE)

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NOTE: The ADOR already has a built-in sensor.  You only need it for the ADOR if you are going to mount the ADOR inside, facing inward. 

The ADOR already has an internal Infra-Red photosensor built-in.

NOTE: be certain you are ordering the correct sensor: OLD SENSOR for before May 2015 vs DTYPE (NEW) SENSOR for newer units, after May 2015.

NOTE: there are two variations:  standard variation has a 4-foot long wire and there is also a 12-foot long wire variation.  Choose the one you need in dropbox.

If you want to mount the ADOR inside the coop where the internal sensor does not face outward, then you may need this remote sensor accessory to pick up outdoor daylight. The standard cord is a twisted pair about 4 feet long which should be long enough in all applications where the door is mounted on an external wall.  There is a 12-foot variation if you want to run the sensor farther away.

There is a jumper on two pins on the electronic board which you must remove -- this disables the internal sensor.  Then you plug the cord of the external sensor onto two pins and a hole in the ADOR's battery box to feed the cord through. You drill a 1/4" hole in your exterior wall and with caulk or glue, stick the sensor in the hole.  A grommet is provided in case you want to do something more involved than just caulking the sensor in a hole.

This remote sensor is just as sensitive to light as is the built-in sensor.  Moonlight does NOT look like daylight so the light from a full moon is not a problem.  Make sure any hot-filament artificial lamps or heat lamps cannot be seen by the ADOR's light sensor -- minor re-positioning is sometimes needed.