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Replacement Board for ADOR1 Chicken Door

Replacement Board for ADOR1 Chicken Door

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All the electronics for the ADOR is on one electronic printed circuit board. The electronics is custom designed using the latest technology.  It uses no relays (no mechanical switches that can fail), but rather solid-state switching (no moving parts).  The functions are all embedded in a computer chip on the board and is software-upgradeable.  So if the picture seems to show fewer parts than what you expect, that is only because of the micro-miniaturization prevalent in the latest technology  

The board includes the mounting brackets already installed on the board.  The board is programmed with the standard revision software for the ADOR1 Chicken Door.

Installation is very easy.  You only need a small phillips (+) screwdriver.

NOTE:  for sale only to ADOR1 owners, for use as a replacement or spare part.