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AdorStore Automatic Chicken Door

Replacement wire cable for ADOR2

Replacement wire cable for ADOR2

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This is the wire assembly for the ADOR2, the so-called "Turkey Door".  The white plug plugs into the white pin-connector on the electronic board, and has quick-disconnect terminals that stab onto the terminal tabs on the motor. The RED/BLACK alligator clips connect to the Plus/Minus terminals on the 6 volt battery.  

The motor wires pass over the top of the sprocket, and it has been observed they could fall into the sprocket and be damaged.  We also supply a sprocket guard that covers the sprocket to minimize that potential occurrence.

Connecting the motor wires is easy but please see this video if you need more detail.

You don't need to remove the battery box from the frame.  The video was filmed with a loose battery box merely for the convenience of easier filming.