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AdorStore Automatic Chicken Door

CANOPY Overhang for Chicken Coop Door

CANOPY Overhang for Chicken Coop Door

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NOTE: for best price with the ADOR1, find the "COMBO" in the catalog if buying with the chicken door.

This Canopy Overhang is 15.75"x 7.5"x 8".  In other words: 15-3/4" wide x 7.5" tall at the wall x sticks 8" out from the wall.

It can be used with any brand chicken door, preferably with a door that is less than 14" wide.  It works well with the ADOR1 Chicken Door or the ADOR2 Turkey Door.

Most ADORs are mounted outside. Although many ADOR customers have mounted their ADOR on the inside of the coop, and some have embedded it on the inside of the wall, most people mount it on the exterior wall. Some even mount the ADOR on a fence between the run and the outside.  If ice freezes on the door panel, it may keep the door from opening or closing. The ADOR is smart enough to stop trying after a couple of attempts if it is stuck.  

This Canopy Overhang we designed to go over the chicken door to keep most direct rain or snow or ice off of the door.  So if you have no overhang at all and you don't want to build one, here is an easy quick solution.  You can have this Canopy Overhang mounted on your wall over your door in a matter of minutes.

The Canopy Overhang ships as three parts that screw together easily and four screws are provided to hang it on the wall over the door. (...and I feel silly to have to say it, but the ADOR in the picture is sold separately.).