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AdorStore Automatic Chicken Door

Replacement Sliding Door Panel for ADOR1

Replacement Sliding Door Panel for ADOR1

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This replacement door panel will replace sliding panels on ADOR1 units as far back as year 2012.  The sliding panel includes  the upper and lower magnets that stop motion at the limits of travel.  This product is ready to go, to insert in your frame.  Older doors have slick tape on the rubbing surfaces but the replacement panel does not utilize the tape so your replacement door panel will not have the tape on the edges.

If a frame or door panel is bent, it is very difficult to bend it back true.  If it cannot be bent back true, then this replacement panel may be required.

If your ADOR1 does not stop at the top normally, or does not stop at the bottom normally, check to see that both upper and lower magnets are in place in the right margin of the sliding door panel.  These magnets pass behind the electronic board whereupon they are sensed and cause the electronics to stop the motor at that point.  If you find that a magnet is not in location, it is probably on the ADOR. It probably did not go far.  It is probably sliding around on the panel or it hopped to the back side of the control box.  Look for it and you can glue it back in place.  The warranty covers this, but it is probably less trouble for you to glue the magnet back in place.  

The way to test your ADOR1 to see if it is bent, remove the four screws under the battery box that hold the motor in place, budge the motor out of the way so it is not engaged in the sprocket holes, and then get the sliding door up on your finger.  Lift the door panel up and let it down throughout the whole travel distance -- it must drop freely under gravity and be loose in the channels.