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AdorStore Automatic Chicken Door

Z-Clips Hold-Down Installation Mounting Hardware

Z-Clips Hold-Down Installation Mounting Hardware

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These Installation Fasteners are handy for special instances of installation, in case:

  • Your ADOR got damaged /warped 
  • Your coop wall is damaged

If the frame got bent for some mishandling reason for instance, it may be better to use these clips than to try to bend the frame straight.  If the frame is bowed out in some spots, the Zclips can be used to bind it down flat to the wall where needed.

The ADOR is designed to mount with up to three screws near the top edge and three screws at the bottom edge, and without any fasteners along the sides.  If the coop has damage or rotten wood where the fasteners should go, these Zclips may be helpful for adding to the installation by holding the frame to the wall in additional places.