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AdorStore Automatic Chicken Door

Battery 6 Volt, Free USPS shipping 48 states

Battery 6 Volt, Free USPS shipping 48 states

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This is a pre-tested 6V Lantern battery.  This is the same battery we ship FREE with every ADOR order.  The terminals are springs, and the technology is Carbon Zinc (not rechargeable).  It should last at least one year but we do not make warranty for two reasons:  Shipping and Handling is too expensive, and we cannot ascertain if someone mishandled or misapplied the battery.*** 

Customers have reported often about batteries they bought from their local stores, or on Amazon, have been short-lived or even DOA.  We have received a lot of bad batteries from wholesalers but these are the best quality we have received in the past 5 years and we are very confident in their quality.

*** if you mistakenly connect the battery polarity backward, disconnect it immediately.  The ADOR will not come up and run and will discharge the battery quickly, if you hook up reverse polarity.  So don't do that!  But if you do, no problem if you disconnect right away. But, if you leave it connected backward, the battery will soon be dead.  


-  unloaded voltage > 6.5V

-  loaded voltage with  2 amps load > 5.0V