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AdorStore Automatic Chicken Door

Battery 6 Volt, Free USPS shipping 48 states

Battery 6 Volt, Free USPS shipping 48 states

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This is a pre-tested 6V Lantern battery.  This is the same battery we ship FREE with every ADOR order.  The terminals are springs, and the technology is Carbon Zinc (not rechargeable).  It should last at least one year but we do not make warranty for two reasons:  Shipping and Handling is too expensive, and we cannot ascertain if someone mishandled or misapplied the battery.*** 

At first, we thought by rejecting batteries that do not measure extremely low internal resistance or low output voltage, that these batteries would be very likely to be close to perfect.  However, experience tells me a few batteries still do not last a whole year and I don't know why.  In the long run, if you have 120VAC receptacle available I recommend switching to electric power.

Potential reasons for short battery life:

  • Not really the battery:  Are you sure your symptoms observed are truly for weak battery and not for something like "Obstruction" or "Weak Motor"?  The pivotal question is this: are you replacing the battery because you've found the door partially open and when you tap the button have you seen it RETRY?  If it retries on the way up, suspect not the battery but obstruction, warping, or bad motor.
  • Is the LED flashing fast?  If the LED is fasting every second or three, it is telling you something is not "normal".  Find out what it is complaining about.  It could be the battery is getting weak BUT it could be complaining about a recurring obstruction or bad motor.  The LED itself, if flashing fast, can lead to faster battery discharge.
  • Do you JOG the door to put it in manual mode, often?  If the ADOR is placed in manual mode and the LED flashes fast, then that uses extra battery power.
  • Do you use Program Setting #5 (last call)?  That cuts battery life in half because the door opens./shuts twice as much.
  • Keep the unit lubed... mainly the sprocket teeth and sprocket holes need to be lubed (WD40 is fine and easy).  
  • Is the unit rubbing on the wall?  Is the coop warping the frame?

Customers have reported often about batteries they bought from their local stores, or on Amazon, have been short-lived or even DOA.  We have received a lot of bad batteries from wholesalers but these are the best quality we have received in the past 5 years and we are very confident in their quality.

*** if you mistakenly connect the battery polarity backward, disconnect it immediately.  The ADOR will not come up and run and will discharge the battery quickly, if you hook up reverse polarity.  So don't do that!  But if you do, no problem if you disconnect right away. But, if you leave it connected backward, the battery will soon be dead.  


-  unloaded voltage > 6.5V

-  loaded voltage with  2 amps load > 5.0V