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AdorStore Automatic Chicken Door

EPB External Pushbutton kit

EPB External Pushbutton kit

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The External Pushbutton (EPB) is for use as a remote switch for the ADOR and functions just as the pushbutton on the front panel of the ADOR.   If you are installing the door inside a run or inside the coop, the EPB external pushbutton may be useful if you want to shut the door early, for instance, and not have to go inside the run to get to the front panel switch.

Often, the EPB is used along with the external photosensor (PSD) if the door is installed inside the coop.

The EPB Kit consists of a pushbutton switch on a 20' long twisted-pair wire with integral connector for plugging into the ADOR1 or ADOR2 automatic doors.

NOTE:  If you just want the connector alone, we still sell it, but this complete kit has the connector and all included in one kit.

The kit is complete and comes with instructions how to plug into the ADOR electronic board. Here is the instruction sheet for plugging in this External Push Button. The switch can be mounted in a convenient location on the wall of the coop and/or the outside of the run.  This pushbutton switch functions just like the pushbutton switch on the front panel of the ADOR.

Note that holes are already provided in the lower right floor of the battery box for running wires in and out of the box -- please don't drill holes in the ADOR.