ADOR connections to external devices

A picture is worth a thousand words.  We have posted a drawing that shows how to connect accessories.  Print this sheet out in Landscape orientation.  Suggestions are given on how to hook up things, such as:

  • External Alarm (powered by ADOR's battery)
  • NiteLite (powered by ADOR's battery)
  • OvaLite (powered from separate power supply)
  • Connecting a relay to the Aux switch in order to control AC lighting.
  • External Pushbutton switch
  • External Manual switch.  This allows you to flip a switch up or down for OPEN or SHUT, remotely. 
  • Clock timer.  Shows how you can control ADOR by a clock timer instead of by its own daylight based timer.

We have had a several questions about if a clocktimer can be used with ADOR.  Yes it can.  The diagram shows how.  Another question is how to easily just manually operate the ADOR remotely.  The diagram shows how to connect an ON/OFF switch to control ADOR instead of having it obey daylight.  We can also show you how, with two switches or multiple switch positions to select: OPEN, SHUT, DAYLIGHT.  Then you can easily switch back to automatic (DAYLIGHT) mode.


NOTE:  If your ADOR is an earlier model it may not be able to do all these functions.  It may only require you send your board in for a new program or the board may need to be upgraded to a later revision.